Rudy Caballeros

Rudy has an extensive history in the health and fitness industry due to serving 8 years as an active duty Enlisted member stationed with both the Navy and Marine Corps as a Hospital Corpsman. Once honorably discharged in 2012, he continued his journey as a CrossFit competitive athlete while working with small locally owned businesses. After leaving the military he went back to continue his education in Cyber Security at University of Arizona. Upon completing his degree, he became a head coach at a local CrossFit gym and helped them become tremendously successful. Due to Covid, a lot of local gyms ended up closing and Rudy went into the Cybersecurity world and helped manage the company while giving way to his new goal of stepping on stage as an NPC competitor. Rudy won his very first competition at the Jay Cutler Classic in June 2023. Rudy’s extensive knowledge of training nutrition and supplementation can continue to help anyone achieve their lifestyle and fitness goals.