Michael Cootes

Hello there! My name is Michael Cootes, I am the Assistant Store Manager of The Greenbrier NutritionCorner. In October of 2020 I decided to change my life. I was 333 pounds, couldn’thold myself up so Icould do a single push up. I got a job at a local gym as a housekeeper working the early morning shift.Over time as the weight started to come off, I found myself frequently stopping in the Princess AnneNutrition Corner, if it wasn’tto pick up products it was to have a thought-provoking conversation withBig Joe, PANC’s manager. After working out for about a year, seeing the effects training and taking care ofmyself had on my overall health and wellbeing, in particular my mental health, I meandered my way tothe Princess Anne Nutrition Corner and asked for a job. I wanted to learn about the nutrition andsupplemental side of things, so I could better my arsenal to help others both in my family and mycommunity.