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Core Nutritionals - CORE ALPHA

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  • Hormone Optimizer
  • Estrogen Control
  • 28 Day Supply

Core ALPHA is an all-natural, innovative product featuring ingredients backed by numerous clinical studies.  Core ALPHA’s ingredients are not only all-natural and powerful, but are also DSHEA compliant – providing a range of ingredients to support healthy hormone function and balance.

As with all Core Nutritionals’ products, Core ALPHA’s ingredients are included in a non-proprietary blend featuring clinical servings, so you know exactly what you are supplementing.

Through constant attention to the latest breakthroughs in research, Core Nutritionals has provided a formula that, including 3-desoxy-7-keto-DHEA, Coleus forskohlii, and vitamin D3, makes five major advances in formulation over many used by leading brands:

  • Replacement of sodium DAA (D-aspartic acid) with the more potent form NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate).
  • Inclusion of a second aromatase inhibitor (Brassaiopsis glomerulata) to further support healthy hormone  balance.
  • Inclusion of a high dose of Mucuna pruriens seed extract (50% L-dopa) to promote healthy  dopamine levels along with supporting healthy LH function .
  • Inclusion of a high dose of zinc (as zinc aspartate) to support healthy testosterone levels.
  • Easier dosing with just 2 capsules recommended per day.

Unleash your inner ALPHA male with the ultra-potent Core ALPHA!