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Breakthrough Hormone Support

KSM-66® is a very exciting ingredient. As mentioned above, it’s backed by multiple clinical studies that utilized a double-blind, placebo-controlled protocol. There are very few, if any, other botanical compounds studied in this manner on testosterone and cortisol support.

Ultimate-T starts by utilizing at least the amount of KSM-66 that demonstrated the ability to support testosterone release and control cortisol in two separate “Gold Standard” human studies. The studies used 600mg and 675 mg. Ultimate-T has 675mg per four capsules.

The ability to positively support both of these hormones – a 1-2 punch every male lifter is after – was virtually unheard of before KSM-66 came along.

Because KSM-66 supports the body’s release and balancing of these two critical compounds, the body’s regular production will not shut down and does not require PCT. Of course, once you stop supplementing your body may return to its previous levels.

Ultimate-T doesn’t stop there. It also packs the emerging ingredient SpilanTEST™ – Spilanthes Acmella (Flower) Extract, Symplocos Racemosa (Bark) Extract and Eurycoma Longfolia (Root) Extract for an amazingly well-rounded supplement.

Ultimate-T is recommended for use up to 8 consecutive weeks before taking a 4 week break.

Ultimate-T was not designed for, nor is it recommended for females. It is way too strong.

KSM-66 has also won five (5) industry awards!