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5-Stage Male Testosterone Support*
  • Increase Bioavailable Testosterone by 284%*
  • Sensoril® - Cortisol Support Agent*
  • TribX90™ - 90% Tribulus Extract
  • Torodex - Free Test Amplification Blend
  • Rapid Release Technology
284% Greater Free Bioavailable Testosterone*
TestoFX is our research-based, scientifically validated 5-stage testosterone amplifier. TestoFX is a powerful clinical strength formula; complete with the full dosage of active ingredients as indicated to be effective by research. The quality and purity of the ingredients in this formula are truly second to none.*
Rise in Bioavailable Testerone Levels Produced by TestoFX was Highly Significant
Results clearly indicate that key ingredients in TestoFX have a positive effect on biologically active testosterone. The increase in bioavailable testosterone levels in the active group of participants was 284% over the placebo group.*
376% Increase in Total Testosterone* 
99% Actives: We believe in providing 'active' ingredients, not 'oil'. Every capsule of TestoFX contains 99% active ingredients, not filler.
100% Oil Free
TestoFX is an oil-free dosage form concentrated into 3 rapid release caps. Many products on the market today hype 'liquid technology'. Bottom line, almost 50% of the content in these capsules is inactive oil.