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Outbreak Nutrition - Rise

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  • Natural Test Booster
  • Increased Libido
  • 4 week supply


Rise™ is Outbreak Nutrition's most potent survival weapon for men. We know the things required to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. We need strength, power, aggression, and drive. Rise provides all of these by super fueling our bodies' testosterone levels and controlling estrogen. This provides a more anabolic environment for the body, allowing faster muscle growth, enhanced fat loss and a heightened "Drive" (we have to repopulate the planet after all).

Be warned! This is not on of those gentle "sports nutrition" products that you are not sure is working; Rise™ WILL have you dominating the world around you and taking no prisoners. The ingredients in Rise™ have been clinically shown to significantly raise testosterone levels, and to lower estrogen. 

Become the man you need to be, it's time to RISE™.

So what's in this bad boy?

Zinc & Magnesium 200% & 50% RDI- These two minerals are crucial to supporting healthy testosterone levels. Without adequate levels of these, it's nearly impossible to increase them. In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, they can be tough to find.

AgresTest™ (Fadogia agrestis) 10:1 Extract 1200mg - This highly potent trademarked extract quickly and significantly boosts testosterone levels and through clinical studies has also been shown to enhance drive and even increase stamina in the bedroom, not that you need that of course.

KSM-66™ (Ashwaghandha Extract) 500mg Ashwaghanda has a plethora of benefits for men and we have been able to source the most potent and well studied version, KSM-66. This ingredient increases endurance, drive, and free testosterone levels, as well as being a very strong adaptogen - meaning you will stay focused and calm no matter how tough the day is. 

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) 500mg- Fenugreek has been consumed for hundreds of years for its virility-inducing effects. We now know it works by increasing drive through raising testosterone levels. We have sourced a high-quality version to ensure the highest level of effects.

Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia) 100:1 Extract 300mg- LongJack extract does two important things in this formula; it provides a fantastic aphrodisiac effect, as well as potent anti-estrogenic qualities.

Boron Citrate 100mg (equivalent 10mg boron) - Boron supports healthy hormone levels and increases free testosterone. Inadequate boron consumption can significantly hinder testosterone levels in men. 

Red Seaweed (E. cottonii) Extract 500mg - This extract has recently been shown in clinical studies to be a POWERHOUSE estrogen blocker, even outperforming certain medications. This ingredient in the massive 500mg dosage is enough to have you covered@