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Primeval Labs - Pyretic

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Fat loss is a tough business. You’ve successfully dropped a few pounds here and there over the years, but never truly gotten lean like you’ve always wanted. Inevitably, the pounds always creep back on (along with a few extra ones), leaving you upset, angry, and depressed.
You’ve dabbled with other fat burners and thermogenics before and even tried an appetite suppressant or three, but none have delivered the results you desired. The only thing those products really accomplished, aside from draining your wallet, was making your feel over-stimmed, jittery, and on edge around the clock.
Therein lies the problem with every other fat burner on the market -- it’s really just a glorified cocktail of stimulants! These “weight loss” supplements (if you can call them that) really have no scientific backing that the ingredients included in them actually enhance weight loss!
Well, it’s time for a change!