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HPN - HPN V(1)

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HPN V1 Multivitamin 90ct. | Put Your Body in Overdrive!

Athletes and hard-training fitness fanatics are not like sedentary persons. Our needs for both macro and micro-nutrients are far different than that of an average person. We manage our food intake to best meet our Macro-Nutrient (Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat) needs while hoping for the best in providing the right Micro-Nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, electrolytes). However, even with the best food choices, we are often lacking in optimal intake of many of these Micro-Nutrients. All of these different Micro-Nutrients are essential to our bodily processes of performance, energy, endurance, and recovery. Without them, overtime the body will suffer and show different symptoms of deficiency.

V(1) is a product that is designed to address all of these needs AND MORE!

V(1) Highlights:- Optimal levels of micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) athletes need to train, function, and recover at peak levels.- Vegan capsules (NO GELATIN) and cold processed formulation using no heat to keep all vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants alive and bioavailable. - Digestive Enzymes added to insure proper and full food breakdown and utilization- Spectra ORAC Blend cold process extracted from 35 fruits, vegetables, and herbs: providing 10,000 ORAC value per serving- L-Carnitine Tartrate for brain function and healthy metabolism- R-ALA to optimize carbohydrate absorption and glucose disposal