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Tired of Feeling Soft? Wishing You Felt Like a Chiseled Brick Wall?
Erase Pro+ gives you a hardcore formula geared towards that defined, dry, hard look we are all after.* The newly reformulated Erase Pro+ has all the ingredients it previously contained, PLUS an all new ingredient added to take the formula to the highest level, keeping Erase Pro+ the leader in its category.
This new ingredient, KSM-66® brand premium Ashwagandha, has been tested numerous times in healthy humans for a wide variety of purposes. Time and time again the ingredient has shown remarkable support for testosterone and cortisol already within a normal and healthy range.* Cortisol is one of the most overlooked hormones by those dieting and training. Having elevated cortisol could slows down all the hard work spent in the gym, and your perfectly calculated diet. Elevated cortisol is also known to activate some pathways in the body that can lead to a much softer appearance.
Erase Pro+ fits in every supplement regimen and is most commonly used as a standalone product. It is the summer favorite when beach going, no-shirt weather is in season. For the bodybuilding professionals, Erase Pro+ is commonly used in the final phases before a show when thedry, hard appearance is critical.* For your everyday fitness enthusiast, Erase Pro+ instantly becomes a staple in their regimen for keeping their physique at its peak.*
While it is most commonly used as a standalone, it has recently become popular within many stacks. The advanced users will take it a step further and utilize 4-8 week stacks centered around Erase Pro+. The two most common stacks we see are:
The Shredded Stack: Erase Pro+ with Alphamine or Norcodrene | Users enjoy the effects of Erase Pro+ alongside a thermogenic like Alphamine or Norcodrene. It is a great additive to any diet program geared towards leaning.*
The Hard Mass Stack: Erase Pro + AnaBeta Elite | Users enjoy the effects of Erase Pro+ alongside AnaBeta Elite when they are bulking, or on mass-focused diets.*
Erase Pro has been a leader in this category for years for one simple reason… repeat users. People just can't get enough of it. Erase Pro+ brings our repeat users something even more advanced, at the same price as before.
Enjoy the Erase Pro+ experience…