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Core Nutritionals - Core GROW

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  • Whole Food Based Weight Gainer
  • No Amino Spiking
  • Great Taste



When you hear someone say “This is the best gainer on the market,” what qualities do you think of? High in complete proteins, great carb source, healthy fats? Seems simple enough. Yet, how many gainers really qualify for that definition?

Core GROW does and is hands down, flat-out, the most complete, soundest gainer on the market with the highest quality ingredients. There’s no flashy “new carb” technologies in GROW – there’s only a whole food-based carb blend derived from the foods you are already eating. Quick: name a fitness staple for carbs. You answered oats, and so did we. That’s why oatmeal flour is the cornerstone of our carbohydrate blend – along with nutritionally dense sweet potato and quinoa flours.

Complete proteins? How about cold-processed, undenatured whey protein concentrate? But we doubled it. Not only is our protein a complete protein, but some of our carbs are too – quinoa is among a handful of plants that provide a complete amino acid profile.

Healthy fats? How about coconut oil powder, avocado powder and MCT oil powder? Rich, nutrient dense fats derived from real foods.

And of course, to help you digest this meal in a scoop, we’ve included an industry-best enzyme blend. Not to mention that nearly every ingredient in our formulation has a vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient profile that would make a dietician blush with envy.

Growing and gains should fit into your life, not pose a problem to it. Core GROW is a gaining solution that factors in the reality that people taking it still live a life, still have a diet, and need a gainer that occupies a beneficial place in them. We said above that this is the best gainer on the market, and we meant it. Now you simply need to grab some GROW and see for yourself.