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HPN - B(10)

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HPN B(10) BCAA + L-Carnitine | Ultra Premium Recovery

What is B(10)? B(10) is our Ultra Premium BCAA + L-Carnitine formula. There is nothing like it on the market currently. B(10) is the all-natural, and absolutely delicious beverage you can rely on to get you through your workouts, as well as keep you hydrated all day.

How do I take B(10)? To start: Mix 1 scoop of B(10) in 10-20oz of water, and sip during exercise. Alternatively, depending on your preferences, you may split your serving by drinking half of your mixture before the work out and the other half after the work out. Additionally: You may drink and additional serving by mixing 1/2 a scoop in 10-16oz of water 1-2 time per day when ever you desire a delicious and thirst quenching beverage.

How Does B(10) Work? In a state of calorie deficit (which is crucial for fat loss) our bodies are often forced to break down lean muscle tissue in order to meet our energy demands. A high-quality And readily available amino acid source such as B(10) BCAA can prevent this by protecting our muscle, and directing more of your hard work and effort towards the fat loss that we are all after.

What is the Difference between B(10) and the BCAA's found in other products? The sad truth is that most BCAA formulas we've come across are derived from animal feather or animal hair based amino acids. B(10) uses ONLY 100% Pure SunBCAA which is naturally fermented from Sun Flower. This makes B(10) the cleanest amino acid source on the market.

What is NOT found in B(10) BCAA? Unlike the majority of BCAA formulas on the market, TRU BCAA is every bit as amazing for what it DOES NOT contain: 
NO Artificial Flavors 
NO Artificial Sweeteners 
NO Artificial Colors or Dyes 
We use only Natural Flavors including our special combination of Monk Fruit and Stevia to achieve B(10)'s unbelievable taste.

What is the L-Carnitine in the B(10) formula for? B(10) includes 1,200mg of L-Carnitine Tartate, one of the most effective natural ingredients for helping to: 
1. Increase Fat Loss 
2. Naturally increase energy and performance levels