Rachael Shumway

Hey There!! My name is Rachael Shumway. I am the store manager at our Newport News location, andam also the Social Media Coordinator for The Nutrition Corners. I have been involved with health andfitness from a very young age, my mom was a personal trainer at onepoint, so needless to say it wasmolded into my brain. I was very much involved in sports and ROTC all through middle and high school,and just fell in love with the lifestyle. Further pursuing a want for a career in health and fitness, I receivedcertifications in: personal training, sports nutrition, pre-and post-natal fitness, youth fitness, andorganized group classes. Along this journey of life I met my husband, we got married, he joined theArmy, and our first stationing was Fort Eustis VA; which iswhere my journey with the Nutrition Cornersstarted back in 2016, and here we are 7 years later I love what the company stands for. The CoreValues we strive to live by, and use as guidelines for running our company. There are endlessopportunities.It's not a Corporate or Franchise environment, it's family. We love each other, we protecteach other, and we help each other grow in whatever avenue of life we're striving for. This companyfeeds into their employees' personal well-being, which in turn, will feed into the growth of our company.You can't find this kind of job just anywhere, it's one in a million.

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