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The Nutrition Corners Team

Carl Frady III

General Manager

Trey Carmine

Assistant General Manager

Andrew Macwilliams

Greenbrier Nutrition Corner

Jesus Encarnacion

Oceana/Princess Anne Nutrition Corner

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Regional Manger/Dulles Manager

Ericka Hacker

Short Pump Nutrition Corner

Elmer Pacheco

Manassas Nutrition Corner

Mike Fabian

Arlington Nutrition Corner

Naomi Hlavacek

Nutrition Corner HUB Manager

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Dulles Nutrition Corner Manager

Nathan Holyfield

Fairfax Nutrition Corner Manager

Kyle Luke

Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner Manager

Doug Miller - Owner

Doug grew up Huntington Valley, PA., a small town near Philadelphia. Throughout his life, he has been extremely active in sports including soccer, swimming, and baseball, and in high school, he earned 11 varsity letters in these sports and was an all-regional athlete. Deciding to pursue academics over athletics in college, he chose to attend Penn State University's Scheyer Honors Program. He graduated as valedictorian with degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Economics. Although he was extremely focused on academics, there was something missing. He missed the training involved with athletics, so as a freshman he was introduced to a weight room and he was instantly hooked.

By the time he graduated he had a well-built, 175-pound frame and had learned a lot about proper training. After he graduated, his Biochemistry background allowed him to perform his own research and investigation into proper nutrition and supplementation, which really helped him make gains.

In 2002, he was encouraged to compete in a bodybuilding competition and he won the overall novice division at his first show and was instantly hooked again. Fourteen months later he won his IFPA pro card at his second competition, the 2003 OCB Charm City Classic. Since then, Doug has earned his place as one of the best natural bodybuilders out there. Winning numerous overall titles, including the 2007, 2009, and 2014 IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Pro Classic, 2009 and 2014 IFPA Yorton Cup Pro World Championships, and the 2014 NPC Jay Cutler Classic.

Doug believes that nutrition, nutrient timing, and proper supplementation plays a crucial role in an athlete’s performance and physique. This is especially true among bodybuilders and figure competitors. The only way to truly reach your fitness or athletic goals is to understand the concept of good nutrition and nutrient timing. Also, while there are no “magic pills,” a proper understanding and implementation of dietary supplements in one’s program can make a huge impact on one’s physique and overall health. You can train with maximum intensity 2 hours a day, 7 days a week, but if you are not fueling your body with the proper nutrients you will never reach your goals of gaining muscle mass, losing fat, or “toning up.”

Doug and his wife, Stephanie, developed and own Core Nutritionals, where the focus is on producing superior products that are proven to work. Doug personally selects the most effective and highest quality ingredients for his line of supplements, and designs formulas to be effective for both elite and “weekend-warrior” athletes.

Stephanie Miller - Owner

Steph was born in the small town of Danville, Virginia and has always been very active in sports her entire life. She won scholarships to play both softball and basketball at The University of Virginia's College at Wise and was a captain for the softball team where she set many records. Academically, she earned a BS degree in Business Administration. She has always been consistent at weight training in order to improve as an athlete.

Upon graduating from college she continued to train with thoughts of competing someday. After watching her brother compete in his first bodybuilding show, she knew she had to do one as well! In 2005, she did her first figure competition and won the open, novice, and overall figure title, winning her IFPA pro card. She competed two weeks later in her first pro show, IFPA American States (with Doug) and won! Since then, Steph has won numerous overall titles (including the IFPA Yorton Cup Pro World Championships) as a natural pro.

She is a certified personal trainer and has over 20 years of weight training experience. She has been running Stephanie Miller’s Personal Training for over 10 years and has experience with training a very wide range of clients and has achieved results with everyone from children, to senior citizens, to athletes. Because of personal experience as a mother of two young boys, she also enjoys helping pre and post natal mothers stay healthy and fit.

Stephanie is an intense and motivating trainer who always gets the most out of her clients. Stephanie also works with people all over the world, helping them get in shape through customized diet and training programs. She also helps bodybuilders and figure athletes prepare for competitions and conducts posing and figure presentation seminars.

Carl Frady III - General Manager

Carl pulls from an immense level of professional accomplishment and customer service oriented experiences with over 14 years of experience in product sales, personal training and management.

As a drug free all-natural bodybuilder in the IFPA, NGA and NPA, Carl also provides motivation to dominate as a competition prep coach via Team Azbury.

Carl’s love for bodybuilding started at age 16. Upon entering his sophomore year in high school, he was 5’4” and 134 lbs. After graduation Carl had worked into a 5’10” and 178 lb. figure. While pursuing interests in athletics including basketball and football, Carl looked to weight lifting and research as a way to gain mass.

Carl entered his first bodybuilding show in April of 2005, turned pro in 2008 and has since competed in 15+ shows. Early on, Carl’s focus was on “big muscles” though as he entered his mid-twenties, bodybuilding became more about achieving a “healthier me” and being driven by a passion to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Trey Carmine - Assistant General Manager

Trey Carmine was raised in Gloucester Virginia and has 10 years of customer service experience in the medical field. He isn’t a bodybuilder and does not have any plans to compete in the future but his passion for health and fitness comes from saving his own life.

At the age of 23 Trey weighed in at 425 lbs with pre diabetic conditions, he had his wake up call. He took control of his life through nutrition and exercise and was able to lose 195lbs throughout the last 5 years.

He has a drive and passion to see others succeed and help them along their journey toward becoming the best version of themselves. He has a wide range of knowledge including training, supplementation and nutrition.

Andrew Macwilliams - Greenbrier Nutrition Corner

Andrew has spent the past four years in the United States Navy. It was there that he met Sean Mignoli, manager of the Manassas Nutrition Corner, and found his passion for Bodybuilding and Nutrition. He started his journey weighing only 125lbs but through hard work and dedication, was able to pursue his dream and bathe under the bright lights of the Bodybuilding stage.

Over the past few years, Andrew would go on to compete in several shows in the Men’s Physique Division of the National Physique Committee (NPC). At his first show, he qualified for Nationals and with every subsequent show, would never place under the Top 3. After his last show in March 2017, he decided to make the move and compete in the Classic Physique Division of the NPC; hoping to re-qualify for Nationals and gain his Pro Card.

Andrew has spent his time wisely, becoming a certified personal trainer and receiving various certifications in Functional Fitness, Cross Fit level 1 and Olympic Lifting. Andrew started working with the Nutrition Corner team during the last few months of his enlistment, where he would dedicate the majority of his free time to building the southern stores.

“Mac” is excited to grow with The Nutrition Corners, and cannot wait to inspire and help others reach their fitness goals.

Jesus Encarnacion - Oceana/Princess Anne Nutrition Corner

Jesus started on the opposite side of the sales counter, becoming a client for the Nutrition Corners back in 2016. The passion passed on to him by the staff of the Virginia Beach Team reignited Jesus’s passion for a healthy lifestyle. So much so that he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the team.

Jesus has a fascination with strength, admiring all strength sports ranging from Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, to Strongman. With this fascination, he competed in his first powerlifting meet back in 2017; going 9 for 9 and totaling over 1000lb. With future plans of competing in Powerlifting and Strongman, Jesus’ passion for a healthy lifestyle is only magnified.

If you’ve been to any of the Southern Stores, you’ve probably seen Jesus at a demo at one of our various partnerships, or in store helping point clients in the right direction. His passion for helping people achieve their Health & Fitness goals stems from how Health and Fitness saved his life and gave it direction.

Stop by ONC and let Jesus help you!

Matt Augustine - Regional Manger/Dulles Manager

Matt was born and raised in Northern Virginia. He was always one of the smallest kids his age, and in fact graduated high school at 120lbs. Having played basketball and football growing up; he’s always been an active “hard-gainer,” and struggled to gain weight. At 20, he began his fitness journey with a goal to be 140lbs, which then became 160lbs. Within 2 years, he’d achieved his goal, by conducting his own research in the field of health & fitness.

During his junior year of college, he changed his major from Digital Video & Cinema B.A. at James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA) to Exercise Science B.S. This change forced him to take a “victory lap” and during his final year, at 23, he fell in love with the idea of bodybuilding. At 160lbs, he continued to bulk to 180lbs, while working full-time as a personal trainer and nutrition coach for Lifetime Athletic and at 24, competed in his first natural physique competition.

“If it could be better, it’s as good as broken!” – Greg Plitt

Words that have inspired him, and remind him to never be satisfied! He says that his current physique can be better, and for that reason, he will continue to improve it.

He hopes to share his experience and education with all customers who welcome it, to encourage educated selections that will yield desired results.

Follow his journey and ask your questions… IG: @smoresgainzzz

Ericka Hacker - Short Pump Nutrition Corner

I am the store manager of Short Pump Nutrition Corner. I am very fortunate to be a part of this company. We focus on the relationships we build with our clients, and truly giving them a memorable experience. Putting in the time to educate our clients, and helping them achieve their goals is ultimately what I enjoy the most. At the end of the day, our client’s happiness is our priority. That is what makes our company unique.

I am a certified personal trainer who has ambition, drive and motivation to overcome anything that gives me a challenge. Becoming a personal trainer helped me realize how much I enjoy inspiring others, and uplifting others while bringing out their full potential.

Fitness started as a hobby, and soon became my world. My goal is to share my passion, share my knowledge and my experience with others. My perspective towards fitness leads me to keep pushing forward, to keep challenging my limits, and also continue challenging others around me, and showing them what they are capable of as well.

Areas of Expertise: Weight Training, Group Session Training, Nutrition Coaching, Corrective Exercise Therapy

Certifications: NASM- 1.) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), 2.) Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), 3.) Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Elmer Pacheco - Manassas Nutrition Corner

I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Northern Virginia. I have a big passion in drawing and painting been doing it since i was 5 years and haven't stopped. Found sports in high school where I played football as a defense of lineman , and Shot Put and Discus. I came in the health industry 5 years ago. love helping people with their goals and hear about their new healthy lifestyle. I would one day want to do strongman in the near future . It all begins with hard work and dedication. Very happy to be onboard MNC to help the community with their fitness Journey.

Mike Fabian - Arlington Nutrition Corner

Mike had been an athlete all his life, playing variety of sports from soccer to basketball but mainly focused on baseball. After high school he picked up unhealthy habits and went from a 180 lb’s to 300 lbs.

He starting lifting weights and quickly fell in love with it. 1 year after starting his lifting journey all of the weight he gained was gone and was in better shape than he was in high school playing sports.

Due to this life change, Mike has been passionate about living the healthy lifestyle and supplementation for over 7 years and is always looking forward to helping the next person change their life.

Naomi Hlavacek - Nutrition Corner HUB Manager

Naomi has a different kind of background here at the Nutrition Corners. She started studying various forms of martial arts from the age of 11 and continued through adulthood. That is her absolute favorite pastime and is very passionate about it. She was into Softball in Elementary and middle school and then did competitions in high school with her ROTC Drill team. After high school she found her "lobster" and started a little family. After a few years of being a stay at home mom to her sons she decided to follow her childhood dream of joining the law enforcement team. Unfortunately she was injured on the job and had to be medically retired and that is when she found us! She is all about staying as healthy as possible, not only for herself, but also for her husband and kids. She won't be participating in any bodybuilding competitions but you may see her on a mat sparring.

Christian Ploschke - Dulles Nutrition Corner Manager

Christian grew up and played football for Middletown, New York . Transferred to rival school Port Jervis Raiders played Basketball , Track , and tired other sports such as tennis and soccer. He got into weight training at the age of 14 and hasn’t looked back since. The thoughts of a competing at a show interest him but for now just trains to maintain . He attend Culinary school is also enrolled in the NASM program . He is looking to finish his certification shortly . He started off as a CSR in manassas then fairfax , shortly after became ASM of Dulles . The nutrition corners is going to provide him with the opportunity to build a possible clientele for when he starts personal training & continue to educate him further on proper nutrition & supplementation.

Nathan Holyfield - Fairfax Nutrition Corner Manager

Nathan grew up in Fairfax Virginia where he attended and graduated from Robinson Secondary School. Throughout high school Nathan played football & basketball, but football is where he excelled and later went on to play at a junior college in Franklin Massachusetts called Dean College. Nathan then came home, got a job & helped out his family. Still loving to weight train & compete, he then got into bodybuilding several years later & began his first year of competing two years ago. In 2019 Nathan qualified for Nationals at a local show in Woodbridge Virginia & a few months late competed In Pittsburgh at The North American Championships. He did not place how he liked but this experience will just serve as a learning experience as he continues to pursue his bodybuilding career. He is currently enrolled in the NASM program to become a personal trainer so working for The Nutrition Corners is just another added blessing that will allow him to provide his future clients, family & friends with the right knowledge to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Kyle Luke - Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner Manager

Kyle was born and raised in Virginia Beach. In middle school and high school he was always very active with sports being football and soccer. Growing up he was always very chubby and eventually lost control and peaked at 263lbs. Through a passion for fitness that was a hobby and is now becoming a career he changed his lifestyle for the better. He ended up competing in a natural bodybuilding show in the classic physique and took home 2nd in his class.

Kyle is currently attending ODU pursing his exercise science degree and is looking get his masters In human performance.

Kyle started out as a customer with Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner and quickly fell in love with the environment. He now enjoys using his personal experiences to relate to the customers to deliver an experience that they won’t forget and be able to connect on a deeper level to form that relationship with the client. He enjoys helping others attain their goals and creating better lifestyle choices.