Mike Alston

Hello! My name is Mike Alston, and I am the manager at Fairfax Nutrition Corner!With years of hardwork,discipline,and personal growth/development,I have been able to loseover 90 pounds. During thefirst 3 years ofmyfat loss journey,Ideveloped a unique love and understanding of fitness and thechallenges that came with it. One challengewasmyrecent diagnosiswithType 2 diabetes.I haveinvested time instudyingbodybuilding, dietary nutrition and now competingin Mixed Martial Arts.Through my studies and passion for this industry I have been able to becomeanISSA Certified PersonalTrainer and Global Fat Loss Expert.Through my role as a Nutrition Corner manager, I amready to inspirelifestyle change with new and enthusiastic clients.Myprimary goal is to teach individuals how tooptimize their nutrition, fitness and unlock their potentialbothinside and outside of the gym.Idon’tshyaway from gettingmyhands dirty and bringing out the best version ofmyself andmyclients throughouttheir entire fitness journey!I am looking forward to meeting and working with the entire NutritionCorner community!