Marcus Valdez

HIYAA! My Name is Marcus Valdez and I am the Store manager at the Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner!My personal fitness journey started when I was 13 years old going into High school and got picked up forvarsity as a starter as a freshman. Being a very small undersized player for my position I had no choicebut to get strong, in order to compete with the upper classmen. From then on, I have buried myself inthe ins and outs of fitness, health and nutrition. Started out with sports specificity, then eventuallymoving on to body building, powerlifting, strong man and any other fitness style I could find. Everythingfrom Arnolds greatest to Big Ron, even to current super stars such as CBUM, Big Ramy and Hadi Chopanito name a few. I have always had a problem with my body image, and have always lacked a sense of self-confidence amongst my peers, and thus my obsession with strength and fitness sky rocketed. That iswhen I found the nutrition corners, with the help of many I took my journey to the next levelandcontinue to level up each and every day in the gym. My goal now is to help educate YOU and eachcustomer that I come in contact with to help them decipher through all of the internet information outthere and pick programs and supplements tailored tothem and their individual needs and goals alongwith their nutrition! Ask for the panda next time and let me help YOU with your goals!