Kelli Pulvino

My name is Kelli Pulvino and I am the assistant store manager of the Oceana Nutrition Corner. Afterliving with Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 2 years old, going through a divorce, and mothering 3children, I made the change to better my health and lose100+ pounds! I changed my relationship withfood, stopped drinking, and became a better mother. To celebrate, I even competed in my firstbodybuilding competition! The confidence and accomplishment that I experienced after challengingmyself to do something I had never even dreamed would even be possible, was enough to drive me tochange my life for good! I was instantly hooked and now constantly look for other ways to challengemyself. I even looked into becoming a personal trainer to help others along their journeys as well,knowing that it is possible to change your lifestyle even as a mom or someone with health issues.Working at the Nutrition Corners has filled that desire and more! My purpose is to help others alongtheir journey with the proper knowledge, supplements and empathy that they are not alone! Let's Crushit together!