Johnathan Pezzella

Greetings! My name is Johnathan Pezzella. I am the store manager at Manassas Nutrition Corner. We arethe place to go in the Manassas,VAArea if you are looking for the highest quality supplements on themarket! I have been passionate about fitness and health since I was a teenager, I found the gym throughsports, mainly football and basketball where I learned that being strong gave me a better foundation todevelop athletically. I tore my Achilles tendon my senior year and as my college football chancesdwindled due to injury, I found myself in a dark place because of the injury. I found powerlifting and onceI was rehabbed, I decided to compete. I ended up breaking a state deadlift record my first meet and I gothooked. Training and competing has shown me what the body is capable of and I fully plan on lifting wellinto my old age. I love how training and proper nutrition can completely change one’s life and I lovehelping others change their lives as well. I cannot wait to help you achieve your goals and help yourealize your full potential.