Joe Cattani

What's up everyone, Big Joe here and I am the Manager of the Princess Anne Nutrition Corner. Myfitness journey has been all over the place through outmy life starting in 2003. Middle school and highschool sports, going into MMA after graduation, and finally coming back to being a weightlifter back in2015 where I started Strongman, and now into Bodybuilding. I was always on the larger side outside ofsports, but growing up I was always impressively strong. In 2015 as heavy truck mechanic I was unhappywith how my body felt constantly beat down, so I really started doing my own research into how itemsthat I could supplement could assist in that aspect.Funny enough about a week later I walked into mygym at the time and found Virginia Beach Nutrition Corner setup in there and started asking Mattquestions. He was somewhat impressed that in such a short amount of time I had already researchedthe amountthat I had. So I became a loyal client to The Corners at that point. Fast forward to 2021,where I had just quit my position at the truck shop, I walked into my gym and found that Princess AnneNutrition Corner was setup with Jesus running the show. We spoke for about 5minutes and he gave meoffered me an interview and handed me his card. Later that day I sold my tool box and never lookedback. I love that the Nutrition Corners gives me the opportunity to be a guiding light to others in theirjourney to thebest version of themselves. I look forward to our conversations. Big love from Big Joeeveryone.