Darrius Nunez

What is going on everyone! I am Darrius Nunez. I am the manager at the Woodbridge Nutrition Corner.The love I have for fitness and health is astronomical. The love I have for fitness derived from playingfootball since I was 5 years old. The health love came as I grew older and realized the importance intaking care of your body so it can perform at the level you need it to. Once I realized the importance ofhealth, I began my weight gain journey from 145lbs to 175lbs. In the beginning I thought I fully knewwhat I was doing but I did not. While shopping for supplements I came across the Manassas NutritionCorner, they took all the knowledge I had and expanded it 10x. The welcome feeling I received whenwalking through that door was unmatched. Having the opportunity to be a part of this family/team isamazing and I’m happy for it, I am super excited to give my 120% effort into the Woodbridge community.SEE YOU SOON!