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Supplement Spotlight: Joint Support

When you think of the ideal muscle-building supplement stack, a few things probably come to mind – Branch chain amino acids, Creatine Monohydrate, a pre-workout stimulant, and protein powder. Maybe a test-booster, mass gainer, pump product, and some other individual ingredients that lead to mega-gainzzz. But one neglected area that’s not only going to lead you to better performance in the gym NOW, but also allow you to CONTINUE to perform and make gainzzz is Joint Support!

It truly is the foundation of strength and while it does not have a direct impact on your physique, it’s going to prevent injury and keep you CRUSHING IT for years to come. There are three main points to cover when considering joint support supplements.


The first goal of a joint support supplement is to strengthen, and the top ingredients to look for in a product are Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which are often used in conjunction. Glucosamine is known as the building block of cartilage for how it supports recovery and regeneration. They are responsible for building and strengthening cartilage, and can be used as a preventative measure that can reduce the rate of degradation of cartilage. While it does not prevent osteoarthritis, it can slow the progression of the this and other degenerative diseases. It’s especially recommended for athletes in high-impact sports like running and Crossfit.


Our second goal is to prevent inflammation in joints and ligaments, and MSM and Cissus are going to be on top of this list. Studies have shown that MSM (aka methylsulfonylmethane) improves proper joint function and can actually improve both flexibility and mobility. By reducing the amount of oxidative stress damage incurred through exercise, it prevents inflammation and can actually delay the onset of osteoarthritis, as well.

Cissus quadrangularis is another popular antioxidant that has been frequently used by athletes, as it can alleviate joint pain due to exercise with its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also nicknamed the “Bone Setter” for its uses in treating injuries and proven effectiveness in accelerating fracture healing rates.

Blood Flow

Finally, you want to look for ingredients that are going to increase blood flow to joints and ligaments, which can increase the amount of nutrients shuttled and promote recovery. Bromelain is one such ingredient that has been shown to speed up recovery by assisting cardiovascular and circulatory health. Chondroitin has also been shown to increase blood flow to swollen joints.

Building Your Stack

Lucky for you, we offer a full line of Joint Support supplements at all Nutrition Corner locations, so you don’t have to go far! Come in and chat with any of our knowledgeable staff to build your optimal stack. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Fish Oil

A STAPLE in everyone’s stack. Whether you’re young, old, male, female - it’s imperative to get your recommended daily dose of Omega 3 in conjunction with a healthy diet to support joint health.

Core Nutritionals Flex

The most comprehensive joint support supplement we offer! It contains Cissus, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM, and Boswellia with additional vitamins and antioxidants to prevent inflammation and speed up recovery. It comes in both a pill and powder form!

InnovaPharm Superior Cissus

Contains a highly dosed extract of Cissus Quadrangularis known as QuadraFlex, which promotes healing and combats inflammation.

Solgar 7

Another comprehensive joint supplement that contains many of the aforementioned ingredients and has been shown to improve joint pain in as few as 7 days.

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