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Mealprep: Travel Edition

Look around at your options in an airport or rest stop, and what do you generally see? Fast, greasy, high-calorie options that barely fit even off-season macros and leave you feeling bloated and sluggish for days! With the holiday travel season fast approaching, save your indulgences for family gatherings and make sure that keep your diet in check while on the road with a little extra planning.

1 - Full meals!

First and most obvious, and the most accurate in macro-tracking, would be taking full meals with you! If you’re in prep, then this is your plan. Load up your 6-Pack bag with pre-portioned meals or bulk items to combine later on. While you CANNOT carry on an ice pack on a plane, you CAN freeze your food or use bags of frozen fruits/vegetables as your ice pack.

2 - Meal Replacement Options

Second plan of attack is some sort of complete meal replacement option. Whatever your caloric needs are, there is a bar or shake that can fit!

  • If your calories are high or you won’t have a lot of time to eat, our favorites are Core GROW or FitCrunch bars. Both are higher in macros, made with high quality ingredients, and will keep you full for an extended period.
  • If your calories are lower or you are looking for a smaller snack option, we’re big fans of Core MRP or Quest bars! Under 300 calories for 1 serving or bar, and both come in a variety of delicious flavors.

*Note that you CAN carry on powders on a plane in sample packs or Ziploc bags. You may get stopped and checked at TSA, but they are compliant. Liquid options like shakes, however, are not.

3 - Have a Carb, Fat, and Protein on hand

When I travel, I always make sure to bring along a food source for each macro. That way, no matter where I go or what my day looks like, I can combine a few of them into a meal or snack. Let’s say you’re en route and your flight gets delayed by a few hours. Instead of turning to the fast food joint in the airport, grab a jerky stick, rice cakes, and handful of almonds out of your bag for a complete meal. While it may not be the most nutritious meal you’ve ever eaten, you know exactly what the macros are and can control the portion size to your needs.

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