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Employee Spotlight: Ari Hirsch, Manager, Arlington Nutrition Corner

Ari Hirsch is coming up on his 1-year anniversary with the Nutrition Corners! He got his start at the Arlington Nutrition Corner as a Sales Associate, where his passion for health and fitness was evident to everyone. It wasn’t long before he rose to the position of Store Manager, where he’s been able to do what he loves - build relationships, with customers and other local businesses and gyms. To Ari, it’s rewarding on so many levels to hear success stories of customers, and spend time with the people who just come to the store to hang out. It’s a huge motivating factor for him, and he loves the impact that he can have!

Growing up in Silver Spring as an overweight kid, Ari first got into fitness at 12 when his mom took him to the gym for the first time. Ever since then, he was hooked! Lifting, especially, sparked his curiosity. He knew that he wanted to continue learning and progressing. Over the years, his training style has evolved to a bodybuilding-focused routine – lots of sets, reps, all about muscle hypertrophy, and he currently has his sights set on competing in physique in 2018! He’s ready to take on the mental challenge that comes with prep. Setting a goal, sticking to the plan, and seeing it through.

In regards to nutrition, Ari keeps it pretty clean. He tracks macros, likes to fit in his yummy snacks, and tries to vary his carb, fat, and protein sources regularly. He’s lucky to have a girlfriend that’s an amazing baker, and his current go-to breakfast is her variation on the MRP loaf. In regards to supplements, Ari’s staples are a good multi-vitamin, Core ABC’s, post-workout protein, and Core HARD (which he cycles on and off with 5-AT). While he’s not a very stressed out person, he loves the anti-cortisol effects from HARD and can definitely feel a difference across the board when he’s on it – mood, physique, energy levels, etc. By far, his favorite stack is the Big Poppa Stack – Core TEST, ALPHA, HARD, and 5-AT. Overall, he feels primed for performance and the intensity is on another level.

If you’ve stopped into ANC and chatted with Ari, you’ll notice his passion for sharing his love of health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals. He enjoys building relationships – not just making sales, but connecting with his customers and hearing about their success. His favorite part of working for the Nutrition Corners is being surrounded by like-minded, hard-working individuals that want nothing but success…oh, and to eventually buy a tank.

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